Norges Bank returns to raise its position in DIA

ricardo curras consejero delegado de grupo dia 1 DIA stars this summer a few days with a lot of volatility. One low session and the next one goes up strongly. This Tuesday falls 2.8% until losing 2 euros. Norges Bank has again increased its share in DIA after declaring several movements in both directions in recent days, specifically to 5.53%, as recorded in the records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Last week, Norges Bank increased its stake in DIA from 4.64% to 5.37% . For this, it reduced the voting rights attributed to the shares from 2.91% to 2.85% and increased those attributed to financial instruments from 1.72% to 2.51%.

This morning it was recorded in the records a reduction in its share in the company’s capital stock from 5.37% to 4.51%, just a few days after having raised it, for which the percentage of voting rights had decreased attributed to the shares from 2.85% to 1.94%, while it had slightly increased the rights through financial instruments from 2.51% to 2.57%.

As reported this afternoon, the entity has again raised its share from 4.51% to 5.53%. Specifically, the percentage of voting rights attributed to the shares has increased from 1.94% to 2.95%.

In this way, Norges Bank currently has a total of 34.44 million DIA voting rights that, at the current market price (1.99 euros), would be valued at more than 68.57 million euros.

Norges Bank is now the fourth largest shareholder of DIA, behind Letterone Investment Holdings (25%), Goldman Sachs (14.53%) and Baillie Gifford & Co. (10.02%).

The shares of DIA have alternated strong increases and decreases in the Spanish stock market. Currently, they are listed at a price of 1.99 euros, more than 3% below the price at the end of the last session.